​​​"Auswahl 2016"
Selection of video work titled Christmas Dinner

Exhibition in the Aargauer Kunsthaus, curated by Claudia Spinelli 

Opening 2. Dec. 2016 - Closing 1. Jan. 2017 


and Events

The many ingredients of the soup of domestic violence
Series of Discussions about domestic violence. First event in the context of Analog Sessions, curated by Eirini Soudakis, Gessneralle, Zurich.

Nov. 2017

Les Complices

Trans:plant Drawings
Drawings and fanzines commissioned by Trans:plant Group

April 2019

​​​​"Diario de los Nuevos Distritos"

(3rd Edition of Fictitious News)
Publication that revolves around a fictional story where taxi drivers and “pushers” of cars become part of an alternate solution to subvert corrupt governmental decisions in the city of Monterrey, Mexico - Dec. 2016 - Jan. 2017 


Speculative Composting
Zine-making workshop composted at VOLUMES Independent Publication Fair, Kunsthalle Zurich

Nov. 2018

-Composting Zines- Workshop
Zine-making workshop composted for the Aktionswoche gegen Rassismus at Begegnungzentrum Cultibo, Olten

March 2019

Les Complices Zurich, Exhibition, Gökce Ergör

"Existential Tourism"
Joint exhibition in Kanzleistrasse, Zürich

27. February. 2015
in the context of the project "Nomadic Contemporary Art Center", curated by Anne Brand

Exhibition in Museo de Arte Contemporáneo  de Tamaulipas

March - Nov 2015

Aqcuisition prize for "Personal Volcanic Action"

Matamoros, México and Brownsville, Texas

Collaboration with Javier Dragustinovis

Exhibition in the Art Container , Zurich

Opening 1 Sept. 2016 - Closing 23 Sept. 2016

-Nada me hace más fuerte...- Workshop
Zine-making workshop for women at the Instituto Estatal de las Mujeres Nuevo León in Monterrey, Mexico

July 2019

Artist Talk, MACT, Museo de Arte Contempráneo de Tamaulipas
Auswahl 2016
Auswahl 2016

“Monterrey Metrópoli, Diario de los Nuevos Distritos” publication distributed in “I never read” Book Fair, Basel, and “BIG Biennalle D’espaces Independents”, Geneve.

Jun. 2017 

MEXA! Independent Publications of Mexico

Exhibition of Fanzines and talk organized together with Adriana Dominguez.  ​Helmhaus, Zurich

Nov. 2017

Auswahl 2016

"What escaped corruption is extremely precious."

drawing series in exhibition at:

CONTROL / SHIFT / PLUS               Curated by Mona Lim

Museum Bärengasse, Zürich / 24.1.2015 - 21.2.2015

Collective Drawing Experiment for the LIVING ROOM program in Stadion Brache, Zurich

26. August. 2016

Curated by Anna Graber

Master of Fine Arts Degree Show
Exhibition of graduating students of the MA program in ZHdK, Zurich.

Sept. 2017

Collaboration with Javier Dragustinovis

Exhibition and soup conversation in Matamoros Mex - 11. Dec. 2016

​Artist Talk in Brownsville Tx. - 12. Dec 2016

Sand experiments
First approach to working with sand, narratives and excavations. Part of "El Fin de la Mar Caribe" project. Shedhalle, Zürich

May 2019

"Following tracks of crisis"

Trying to deconstruct the experience of travel in Athens, Beirut and Lesbos in a spontanous show at an apartment in Zürich

with Flavio Cury, Aurelie Strumans, Veli & Amos, Claudia Stöckli, Sandra Bühler

July 2017

​​"Christmas Dinner"
Screening of video in the Pavilleon, Zurich

in the context of Amt für Alles project curated by Patrizia Vitalli and Sabeth Irgendwie

Dec. 2016

Auswahl 2016



Workshops, screenings, performances and other events organized in collaboration with Nora de Baan, Katja Lell, Gokce Ergor and Martina Baldinger. Les Complices, Zurich

Dec. 2017 - Jan. 2018

Exhibitions 2019

26. Sept @ La Cápsula, Zürich

                    Installation "El Fin de la Mar Caribe" in collaboration with Javier Dragustinovis

                    Curated by Elena Rosauro and Adriana Domínguez

Nov @ Les Complices* Zürich

                    Solo Exhibition "Letters from Onion Island"

                    Curated by Gökçe Ergör

Dec @ Helmhaus, Zürich

                    Group Exhibition "Auf der Suche... Nach Zürich"

                    Installation "Moment of Exchange Memorial" and discussion

                    Curated by Nadja Baldini, Simon Maurer, Vreni Spieser, Daniel Morgenthaler

Other Activities 2019

3. - 4. Oct @ Gessnerallee, Zürich

                    Presentation of Fanzines commissioned by Trans:plant Group

29. 30. Nov - 1.Dec @ Kunsthalle, Zürich

                    "MEXA! Focus on Women" Archive of Mexican fanzines made by women

                     at VOLUMES Independent Publications Fair

"Faking a State of Emergency"
Exhibition in the Art Container, Zürich
Collaboration with Sandra Leal
Opening 7 Oct. 2015 - Closing 16 Oct. 2015
in the context of NO EXIT , curated by Anna Fech

"Hold the line, please."
Exhibition in Halle.li curated by Maya Minder and Salome Kuratli

März 2015
in the context of Line 31 , 
Galeries + Offspaces of Aussersihl Zurich

Credit Suisse Videokunst Förderpreis
Selection within the competition of Credit Suisse for emergent video artists in Switzerland.  

Feb. 2017

Parcour Humain

T-Shirts made with students of the Autonomeschule Zurich, in the wprkshop PROPOSALS

Exhibition in Photobastei, Zurich

Oct.-Nov. 2016

El Depa
Publications and video show + artist talk at El Depa,  espacio independiente. Curated by Javier Dragustinovis.  Matamoros, Mexico

Dec. 2018


Lost in a Snowstorm, we are friends (an American painting)
Exhibition for the Sommerfenster program in Les Complices*, Zurich

July - August 2018

Public ice sculpture and social space at Monterrey, Mexico​

July 2019

Dynamo, Anne Brand, Zurich, Artist Talk

Artist Talk
Series of talks curated by Anne Brand at Dynamo Zurich

25 Oct. 2018

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Tamaulipas
Artist Talk in the Contemporary Art Museum of Tamaulipas, Matamoros, Mexico

Dec. 2018

In view of the normalcy
Video screenings, discussions and fanzine presented in Koyna Hostel, SAA Gallery and Jewarlhal Nehru University, New Delhi

Oct. 2018

"A war that happened far away"

Discussion in MATERIAL, Raum für Buchkultur, Zürich

with Veronica Cordova, Eva Posas and Kamran Behrouz

June 2017

Art and Crisis

"Faking a State of Emergency"
Collaboration with Sandra Leal

Oct. 2015

Exhibition in the Art Container , Zurich
in the context of NO EXIT , curated by Anna Fech