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Cumbiamix to be listened while cooking
sound, 2021
In collaboration between DJ Elimix “La Reina de la Cumbia” who is based in Seattle and is a member of the feminist all-womxn Mexican collective Musas Sonideras.


From the kitchen of the MIGRANTE y MESTIZA
Cumbia-mix! Reeesistenteeee!!

​The music and the words will accompany you through the mystical triangle of fridge, sink, and stove, towards the spiral of blender, ladle spoons and napkins, arriving to the circle of potatoes, peeling knives and cutting boards. So many magic sigils exist in cooking, so much power we make, we become, we are.

Let’s hope that with this music, you end up dancing amongst pans, with salt and oregano in your hands. ¡Échale magia mamá! ¡Son los polvitos mágicos de la salud emocional!

Above all, we hope that you enjoy. We recognize the work that you do for everyone. Know that you are the most important at this moment. We see you and embrace you.

Take care.

  • Cumbia Mix Mestiza y Migrante Kitchen22:05

• March-April 2021@ OTO Sound Museum

This cocina es tuya, no matter how your fire looks like, honey. Si es de hornillas o de anafres, a flama de leña o a placa eléctrica, if you are living the magical moment of turning ingredients into food, then we are in the same place.

So let´s begin this journey next to each other.

This cumbia mix is dedicated to each one of the care workers that have nourished our growth and our health as a person and as community. We hope that the music guides your making, infuses your healing energies against viruses, soponsios y violencias. El espíritu se va alimentando de los ritmos sabrosos, they will make us stronger!

May this food that is forged first in your imagination, then given body with hard work, become the very center of the planetary energy to shit discrimination out, take a piss on colonial structures, and lovingly protect all life equally.

ARCHIVE  (2015-2018)