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self-published fanzines and published texts

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•Nov 2021@BONE Performance Art Festival, REITSCHULE BERN
video in collaboration with Jeanne Jacob and Riikka Tauriainen curated by Thea Reifler and Philipp Bergmann

• March- April 2021@SIC! Elephanthouse, Luzern
as part of the exhibition Intimacy of Strangers by Riikka Tauriainen, curated by Lena Pfäffli, Sabrina Negroni and Anne-Sophie Mlamali

one-channel video

In collaboration with Jeanne Jacob and Riikka Tauriainen

[The last known body of the species Achatinella Apexfulva passed away on the 1 of January of 2019. Her muscled body described by us as a foot, a sleepless ear, a malleable pair of eyes or a wet and cold carry-bag coated with soft mucus, survived alone in a plastic box during 14 years, protected by a human project of preservation of snails unique on planet Earth. His given name was George.
The fascinating water body of this, or for the matter any snail or mollusk, inspired a long conversation in which we, artists Jeanne Jacob, Riikka Tauriainen and Paloma Ayala, come together to explore the manifold of nods or points of connection that the body of a snail spawns when thinking about and beyond the limits of a body. 
“Beyond a limit there is spit, blood, excrements, urine, milk, tears – and the margin. The liminal line is the body that includes the contaminated objects that stick”. (M Douglas) The margins in a snail body, we thought, are mediated by slime. Slime is a vibrant matter (J Bennett) with tangled molecules, both a liquid and a solid depending on its relational description, that creates a sticky infrastructure. Erotic filaments, protective shells, permeable skin, mucilaginous sounds, intertwine in the ambiguous space that slime provides. When does the body of a snail end, if its osmotic permeable skin and the slimes on which it glides, confuse the limit?]