ARCHIVE  (2015-2018)




  • Fanzine making workshops

  • Sea, Lagoon, River: Delta system community Workshops



self-published fanzines and published texts

The strategy of interviewing (acquiring knowledge) and posting posters in public spaces (rendering this knowledge into an artistic expression and leaving it in public display) is based in the work I initiated with Yana Drumeva during an AiR program in Bulgaria. What we do is incorporate opinions about visions of the future for modern human settlements into an artistic research process, through conversations and active participation of a community in a workshop. We end up posting the ideas we obtain from the participating community through posters/collages, including phrases that express a wish or blessing of well being.

We reflect on the idea of “stop decadence” in a cultural sense, understood as the inability or impossibility of promoting changes that people recognize as progress or evolution. (Decadent things get old and die.... and it seems that having a sense of progression or evolution in life originates mental contentedness or satisfaction. ) 

In our initial discussions about how to develop the project, me and Yana concluded with positive visions, where the world will develop into a general direction or desire of improvement through solutions based on utopic human natural needs of environmental protection, and social networks in the framework of a community.

Since we think these initial responses tended to be utopic because of how we used the phrase "vision of the future" in our self-questioning, we then asked about the future of our specific communities, and found the answers turned to be more realistic and negative. 

We based our questions in "stop decadence" and its possible criticisms (Why stopping decadence if preserving also causes satisfaction? How does a world in constant search for progress and change, affects positively and negatively our present?) Our interview has 3 aspects: utopic and realistic visions of the future of the community you identify with, specific wishes of preservation and change, and finally we ask people to draw a simple representation of our conversation. We then worked on felt pieces, using the information obtained from the interviews.
Stars and crosscultural togetherness
with Yana Drumeva (Bulgaria)