​a participatory art project with students of the Autonome Schule Zurich
and residents of the Asylsuchende Empfangszentrum Bern

Artists Paloma Ayala (MX) and Julia Weber (CH) tackle issues of democracy and education through the minds of immigrants who learn German in a self-governed school that offer free adult education for refugees and sans-papiers in Europe: the Autonome Schule Zurich (ASZ).

In t-shirt-designing workshops, Paloma and Julia invited students to reflect their present positions as immigrants in Switzerland and asked questions of representation and connection to the system where they learn the language of their current living place:  How is the Autonome Schule Zurich as a laboratory for a future society?

The final result of these workshops is a set of colorful and unique t-shirts that represent the student’s personal visions, ideals and wishes in relation with the basic democratically organized organization. Each t-shirt is meant to be a proposal for the ASZ and all of us.

Parcour Humain


Exhibition in Photobastei

Oct.-Nov. 2016


ARCHIVE  (2015-2018)