"Existential Tourism"
Joint exhibition in Kanzleistrasse, Zürich

27. February. 2015
in the context of the project "Nomadic Contemporary Art Center", curated by Anne Brand

Domesticity is a complicated subject. The domestic life places ourselves in familiar protective environments that can be both strong and fragile.
By using traditional golden photo frames as elements of reflection on the domestic life, the series of photograms take the language of the household, and deals with ideas of revolution, fragility, nostalgia and transformation through one of the most iconic symbols of destruction: fire, and one of the most iconic symbols of protection: a house.
These artworks also refer to the recent violent history of the artist’s homeland, Mexico, a place “on fire”, metaphorically speaking. It invites the viewer to think about the lives of those who had fled their own home in order to build a new “non-flammable” one. A feeling of absurd nostalgia accompanies the pictures, not only because the images are far from being portraits, but because to the artist, the origin of this nostalgia is a cruel, distant, and uninviting zone … which after all is her ‘home’.
The photograms were made through experimental photographic processes where some actual fire was involved. The process generates wash-like effects that play with tones of black using heated developing chemicals and flames.

Part of the series were exhibited in the "Existential Tourism" joint exhibition, organized and curated by Anne Brand for her project "Nomadic Center of Contemporary Art"

A piece part of these series got an acquisition prize from the Bienal de las Fronteras, and will be exhibiting soon in the Museum of Contemporary Art at Matamoros,Mexico.

Personal Volcanic Action
photogram series