ARCHIVE  (2015-2018)


Collective Drawing Experiment

Collaboration with Alejandra Jean-Mairet

An action where the public is invited to participate in the making of several collective drawings. The intention is to explore different communication means that go beyond the spoken channels.

Participants use their bodies as surface and tool of a process where we research the possibilities of trust, bonding, and making community.  We prepared a set of exercises that pinpoint: play and playground, limits of personal/intimate spaces, and the relation to the public space, as subject of experimental drawing actions. We also want to explore the meditative aspects of drawing by demanding the participant´s full awareness of the moment (Dasein).

Developed for the LIVING ROOM program

Festival in the Stadion Brache, Zurich, to explore ways of developing the public space.

Curated by Anna Graber

26. August. 2016