ARCHIVE  (2015-2018)



“The Dragon’s Bride”

“The Dragon’s Bride” tale is part of Bulgarian folklore and describes the love between the mythical figure of the dragon and a young woman. Their secret affair is one of forceful passion, leading to her alienation from the community, and a life transfigured, as she eventually begins taking features from her magical husband. Paloma depicts this story in painting as an embrace of two figures: a paternalistic half-snake, half-human dragon, and a clawed girl.  

The constellations of Draco, Cygnus and Lupus are used, not only as a reference to the Star Rituals theme of the Old School Residency program, but connecting to Gorna Lipnitsa’s local folklore, as it is said that a dragon was once here and is expected to come back.
​ (Watch out for your daughters.)

mural made during Old School Residency Program at Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria