mural made during Old School Residency Program at Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria

“The Dragon’s Bride”

“The Dragon’s Bride” tale is part of Bulgarian folklore and describes the love between the mythical figure of the dragon and a young woman. Their secret affair is one of forceful passion, leading to her alienation from the community, and a life transfigured, as she eventually begins taking features from her magical husband. Paloma depicts this story in painting as an embrace of two figures: a paternalistic half-snake, half-human dragon, and a clawed girl.  

The constellations of Draco, Cygnus and Lupus are used, not only as a reference to the Star Rituals theme of the Old School Residency program, but connecting to Gorna Lipnitsa’s local folklore, as it is said that a dragon was once here and is expected to come back.
​ (Watch out for your daughters.)