Speculative Composting

Zine-making workshops in collaboration with Martina Baldinger, Gökçe Ergör and friends of *Les Complices

​Composting, as a practice proposed by the group Composting Feminisms (www.compostingfeminisms.wordpress.com), is not about recycling unwanted materials, but about breaking down matters that are already important in Environmental Humanities and Feminism, to let them reemerge in time, as new ones. Our group thinks of it as a process of deconstruction that leads to the creation of fertile material, a host where seeds can grow.

In these set of workshops we compost a zine out of materials provided by the friends of the community-based art space Les Complices*. We collect and provide an archive of printed pages containing meaningful texts, drawings, films, plants, songs. The participants of this workshop are invited to be the worms, the bacteria, and the heat that allows for a metaphorical fermentation to change the chemistry of the materials and create fertile soil.

Offered on the table will be topics like ecosexuality, post-humanism, hermaphroditism in animals, horoscopes, anti-ablism, anti-racism, justice, Hundstage, feminisms, gender violence, body notions, etc. By transforming these into material for a publication, we want to develop a plot of transforming speculative soil together, invent scenarios, subjects, separate and reassemble parts, travel in time, transform into a plant or a ruin, etc. The number of possibilities depends on the participants.

The collective zines are put together during and immediately after the end of the workshop. 
We expect the workshop to also function as a reading and discussion space.

Download the fanzine HERE.​

Issue #1


Workshop at VOLUMES independent Publication Fair, Kunsthalle Zurich, November 2018