ARCHIVE  (2015-2018)




  • Fanzine making workshops

  • Sea, Lagoon, River: Delta system community Workshops



self-published fanzines and published texts

Transformation is change and revolution, it challenges identity in profound ways. I believe change on bodies affect not only the physical appearance, but the relationship between the outside and the inside of the human, thus, there’s a connection between the physical characteristics and identity. But these changes are not those which plastic surgery can perform. Deep changes require deep transformations… essential transformations of humanness into something else.

The series of drawings 
The Bloody End of a Skein deal with concepts of transformation and reincarnation as a way of reiterating and revising our human condition. The mythological references are first a source of inspiration and second, a way of introducing ancient narratives to a contemporary image, seeking to create pseudo icons of worship and reflection (maybe even of eroticism). Human bodies are combined with those of animals not intending to blend, but to create a contrasting counterpoint where what we see, as human or as animal as can be, is essentially neither.
The Bloody End of a Skein
charcoal and acrylic on paper / clay sculptures with graphite