"Faking a State of Emergency"
Collaboration with Sandra Leal

Oct. 2015

Exhibition in the Art Container , Zurich
in the context of NO EXIT ,

curated by Anna Fech

Ich Heisse Vogel

Educational Program for unaccompanied refugee minors 

In view of the normalcy

Videos and publication about gendered spaces and the life of young female students in one of the biggest universities in Indiia.

​Collaboration with Prerana Khandelwal


performance in collaboration with Merce de Rande

A month of May in Matamoros

interviews, documents, discussions and collaborations with local artists in Matamoros, Mexico, border with Texas.

​ExpoTranskultur Verein

Organization that supports intercultural bonding in Switzerland through workshops, exhibitions, talks and other activities.

Personal Volcanic Action

Photogram series 


T-Shirts expressing what the immigrant/refugee community in the Autonome Schule Zürich and the Empfangszentrum Bern think and feel about the organization where they study, interact and make connections to their environment.

2015 - 16

The bloody end of a skein

drawing series

Der Geist unserer Zeit​​

drawing, carving, knitting, spray painting

The Dragon´s Bride

painting done during Artist in Residency Program, Bulgaria

​Sand und Taube

collaboration with Sandra Leal, drawing + linoleum printmaking


Long distance collaboration with Javier Dragustinovis

collage, video, drawing, discussions and dinner events

Exhibition/ Archive Box Museum

a contemporary art museum self-organized and self-financiate

against the establishment


stateless and atemporal:

a potential space where everything can happen

curated by Francesca Brusa and Costanza Sartoris

Lost in the snowstorm, we are friends

Installation and videos that explore relationships between fictional and non-fictional narratives.


What escaped corruption is extremely precious.

protest drawing series

​​DOWNLOAD printable protest drawings HERE.

​Stars and crosscultural togetherness

collaboration with Yana Drumeva 

artworks for community empowerment in Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria

​Los pájaros  / The birds

drawing series

​​Sand und Taube question what escaped corruption, and what is extremely precious.

Linoleum-cut printmaking and spreading of protest representations  against violence in Mexico.  Barcelona 2015


Project done in the context of the program DOING & REFLECTING: art strategies, cultural practices & public spheres and Z+ Playground

Previous Projects

​How does a fusion event looks like?

collaboration with Vanesa Ayala

Fictitious News

Series of publications containing fake articles related to political and socio-economical problematics in the northeastern cities of Mexico. 

silkscreens, photocopies, offset print

Composting Zines - Workshops

Zine-making workshops with Martina Baldinger, Gökçe Ergör and the friends of *Les Complices


Following tracks of crisis

Reflecting on  the topic of war and crisis 

Shame and Generational Disorder

Series about how deteriorated social and political systems can affect generations of humans, focusing on social issues of the northeastern Mex/US border.

​The Housewife´s Lament​

collaboration with Genevieve Waller

​Postal Magic​

postal collaboration with Jorge Mansilla


Publication about gendered spaces and a woman´s experience in New Delhi​​

Movement and Manufacture

animations for Artist in Residency Program,  Slovenia